Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I was asked out to countdown and usher the new year, 2009 but I turned down the invitation politely. Somehow the excuse or reason (whatever you call it) was what is the point of purposely spending some money for this normal day in the financial crisis? What is the point of giving ourselves the excuse- I will embrace this new year with new hope-whereby why don't we just embrace every new day with new hope? If we were to wait until Jan 1 every year only to get rid of sorrow pasts and to strive hard for new aims or resolutions, ain't it a waste of time?

In the view of an economist, yes, it is a good sight consumers still spend money during recession to boost the economic growth (money multiplier thingy); but for me, I would rather spend the quiet night quietly reading my favourite book with the aroma of hot chocolate lingering my room. No pun intended.

Anyhow I still set myself what to establish, what to improve, what to try in Year 2009.

Happy New Year everyone. We still have to embrace the new year happily no matter how sorrowful the economy is, no matter how sorrowful 2008 is :)

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