Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Books Read in 2009

Well, I know I am not going to read any book but to start my revision, so I can now blog about how many have I read. =P

  • Fiction
  1. The Lost Symbol, 509, November 15
  • Non-fiction
  1. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, 286, December 5
  2. Why Mars and Venus Collide, 249, December 28
  • Spiritual 
  1. The All-Inclusive Christ, 194
  2. The Experience of Life, 386
  3. Love Not the World
  4. The Church as the Body of Christ, 274
  5. A Seer of Divine Revelation in the Present Age
  6. Crystallization-Study of Song of Songs, 115 
  7. 不要爱世界, 98
  8. 荣耀的异象与十字架的道路, 61
  9. Life Study of Matthew, 829
  10. Life Study of Mark, 598
  11. Life Study of Luke, 674
  12. The Knowledge of Life, 220
  13. The Experience of Christ as Life for the Building Up of the Church, 128
  14. To Serve in the Human Spirit, 112, August 4
  15. The Advance of Lord's Recovery Today, 181, December 25

Must read more than this next year! 

Dare not think of any new year resolutions, as I cannot really achieve them. I shall just make the life as fruitful as possible. I will reach another milestone in my life next year, quite excited, yes, not sure how will the arrangements be... 


p/s: For those without dates, it is because I lost the list of books I had in the middle of the year. 


unordinaire said...

that is a lot of books that u have read! keep going!

i stupidly used my time for dramas than on books. maybe i shud get back right on track!

happy 2010! =D


Sophos said...

not bad.. 12 spiritual books and 3 life study.. lets see. i've barely finish 1 life study this year hahahahaha. and probably 5 or less spiritual book LOL

nostalgia.jesskang said...

CC, switch blog again huh? or is it because it is another year?

Sophos, I still couldn't finish old testament, indeed not much progress...

Sophos said...

oh u mean bible?

Chow Vei said...

wow.. that's a lot!!.. keep up the good work!!

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Sophos, if not? @@ Is not bible a great book?

Chow Vei, hopefully...

Sophos said...

how la i noe u not referring to Old Testament LifeStudy LOL

unordinaire said...

I started the new blog in Nov. so its not because its a new year. Just wanna leave behind the old one =P there was not much good things to reminisce on so i changed and wish for better times in which I can jot in the new blog =D hehe

Anonymous said...
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Dorae-ong said...

Not bad, you read a lot too.

yingxuan said...

Hey Jess...! all the best to you too! Happy 2010 may this year of yours full with blessings.