Monday, January 4, 2010


Went to visit my secondary Chemistry teacher.. I'm inspired by her life of planning... She considers a lot when she comes to making every decision! 

I think blogger squeezes pictures a lot!

It doesn't justify my camera! *joking*

We practically talked everything. At one juncture, we talked about health. Then my teacher told us she has a weight scale which can measure our body fat, internal organ fat, metabolism rate and tell us our age according to our body condition. T.T I have 30.4% of body fat! Internal organ fat is the most consoling thing, scale 3. And guess what?! My age were 26!!!! 


Since I don't have any new year resolution, this should be the one! IT MUST BE THE SHORTEST GOAL!  

I like my teacher's house design. Her house is not big but very cozy! 

Like this corner a lot!!

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