Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relax in Penang Island

Since I am going back PJ on Saturday and Shane is working in Penang Island, I decided to visit him and take the Langkawi pictures from him. If not, I would not be able to blog about the trip since Shane snapped 95% of the pictures.

Shane works until 5pm. So I decided to visit some other places first before paying him a visit in the hospital (yes, he is working in the lab of Pantai Hospital).  

First place was Batu Ferringhi, a place I visited with my friends a year ago. The place was still the same. So, I would say the maintenance is good, though it still cannot be rated as any cleanest or prettiest beach. The sand was quite wet, I guess it was due to the high tide couple hours ago. I was there for around half an hour as the sand was not comfortable to step on. An interesting unfortunate thing was I saw a yacht on fire. But it was quickly rescued. 

Next, my friend and I made our way to Teluk Bahang Dam. It is located at the most northern part of Penang Island, whereby not many people know about it. The entrance was not opened. And the sun was scorching hot, we did not see a single soul there. So we thought we probably did not have the luck to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. But when we made our turn back, we saw a crew photographing there. So we quickly made our turn back and walked through by a small entrance. The sun was like flaming! Yet we walked for around 1km to rest at a pavilion finally. *phew*

Many people high-rate the view there.

Yes, I do rate it as panoramic too, but some part of it is quite infertile, which I would say spoils the serene and living dam. 

The dam is really really well maintained. I guess it is partly due to few visitors. Another interesting thing is, every year there would be dragon boat competition there. 

This is the pavilion we were resting. The path to the pavilion is nicely decorated.

After taking a short break and a text from Shane asking us to visit him at 5pm, we quickly headed to the hospital. But sorry to Shane, we reached at 5.30pm. It was quite far from Teluk Bahang to Bayan Baru, and the traffic was slow too.

Shane briefly explained to us what he does everyday in the lab. Also we managed to see the machines used to scrutinize saliva, blood, phlegm, urine, etc. We also visited baby gynae department. Newly born babe are only 40-50cm! We then went to drink coconut ice blended somewhere near PISA after Shane suggested it. At first I thought it was something like grated coconut meat, since Shane said "yea ka" in TeowChew. Soon after that, we went to Queensbay Seaside to sample grilled fish! 

The place was very cozy, tranquil and relaxing!

After ordering grilled fish, fried squids, a plate of kangkung, and satay, we quickly started our photo-taking session! 

The food was soon served. It was normal for me. Still Cheranting grilled fish tasted the best!  

After the dinner, we were chatting happily. We chatted almost everything, and the main thing was how to snowball our savings! Sometimes, perhaps, we are just building the castle in the air, but it is quite exciting when we talk up and down, left and right! It is just like some aggressive and ambitious young kids planning on their promising future. *grins*

We forgot to take the picture of the grilled fish, as we couldn't resist tasting the food! So we took one after the dinner for compensation. 

Then, we headed to Ying Xuan's house to take Shane's pictures. Yea, Shane is staying in Ying Xuan's house for the time being as he is undergoing his internship. No other thing else, okay!? No gossip. Shane then shared with us how to edit pictures with Photoshop, he shared with me for the second time; this time it was shared mainly with Alvin. We then bid farewell with Shane and headed back mainland at around nine something. 

I like the last picture in this post. I feel that for the first few pictures, I didn't edit "heavily" to make the pictures more vivid. All pictures are in widescreen format, but vertical one might not be as nice as horizontal one. 

P/S: Shane please comment on my editted pictures. Thanks!


Alvin Soh said...

Nice journey~

Shane said...

Here I am.. Good try on ur photoshop.. I like the path to the pavilion.. nice colour.. Some of the pic of the scenery of the dam can be made to be more contrast.. ALso u can try to adjust the colour of the pic of u and alvin on the beach one..perhaps to a bit brighter and orangish to express the sunset feeling... The last pic was nice.. vivid...

Dorae-ong said...

I miss Penang! Can not remember the last time I was there, ha ha.

nostalgia.jesskang said...

It's time to go home, Mr Ong... haha