Wednesday, April 21, 2010

22nd Birthday

This year is the year I receive the most wishes. Kudos surely go to Facebook! I really appreciate all these wishes, be it from my beloveds, my bosom friends, my newly acquaintances or even strangers (blame facebook). I am very happy for it. Will this year be the turning point in my life?

I learn something very significant this year. Many times, I blame, I rant, I complain, I don't know how to appreciate people around me. But today, I attended a talk given by a 29-year-old millionaire. When he shared about how his girl friend went thru all the thin and thick with him, tears actually welled up in my eyes. I controlled so hard and quickly wiped them away. Many times, we are touched by people's actions. Many times, we always think how great people treat their family. Many times, we envy how can people's relationship be so great. Many times, we think that we are inferior.

But, today,

I was touched not because of their struggles nor their great love. But I suddenly realize how blinded I was but at the same time how blessed I am. What my sweetheart does (I don't want to compare) is what I really should appreciate!

Love doesn't make the world go 'round; but love makes the ride worthwhile!


kk said...

that bottle of thing will surely earn you a few pounds!

kk said...

happy belated birthday btw

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