Saturday, April 10, 2010

Of Formality

I have this friend of mine who likes to wear suits so much, get me, I say suit- blazer, pants, long sleeve shirt with tie! So one day we were talking about why people scorned at us when we Malaysian wear suit walking on streets but marveled at those Caucasian or any other foreign chinese with tidy square suits on streets.

I tell you if you wear suit here, people
will keep looking at you until
you gotta take it off...

When will Malaysia LRT scene becomes something like Tokyo bullet train scene?

And when will Malaysia KLCC streets with white collars becomes something like Hong Kong Central?


Anonymous said...

I guess you have to consider the weather in Malaysia versus those countries you mentioned. Under the scorching heat here, people stares at you more on your endurance to heat rather than anything else. Of course back to your aircon room, many of us do put on the jacket if formality requires. Just my 2 cents. =)

Anonymous said...

Hot is one thing. Cognitive dissonance also. If let's say everyone wears suit, the 1 or 2 who wears slippers wouldn't know how to hide his feet.

that's why if 4 or 5 friends of mine is taking the lift, i always like face my back to the door of the lift. When people comes in, it'll give them great pressure. lols. me n my silly xD

nostalgia.jesskang said...

haha... Sophos! I like your idea!

I think it is not much to weather, though it is affected, those caucasians they also wear like nobody's business...

Anonymous said...

But really la. the Malaysia picture looked like a bunch of going-to-play people taking LRT instead of a bunch of professionals going to work or something.

Okay la, partially because of the lack of planning LRT.

Even if in uni, if someone wears the western dresscode, everyone will nonstop asking why did they do so == myself included ==

though, I feel it looks cool in it xD Not exactly uncomfortable to me though many claimed it hot and blablabla. So to "suffer" in it is a great thing and they'll tease those who wear it ==

but.. its expensive =S Me no money. xD