Friday, September 10, 2010

Grown Ups

Initially wanted to watch Step Up 3 last Sunday as it was strongly recommended by Shane. But then when we reached the cineplex, we were attracted by Grown Ups, and we have no regret of choosing it! It is indeed a good movie.

In our life, we often get laid down by our so-called living, lose ourselves in the midst of busyness, try hard not to fall, and finally we are scared of everything. "leave it all on the court in life, too. When the whistle sounds, don’t let yourself have regrets later." is the quote from the movie which impresses me. Sometimes it is really important to wind ourselves down, especially in the things we have not done or have forgotten, for quite some time, not only will this spice us, rejuvenate us when we are worn up, but when the whistle of death sounds, at least we don't regret!

Life only has take one, live to the fullest!

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