Monday, July 19, 2010

Something New (Update)

Regarding the previous post about my exploration in other areas, it might come to a halt at this moment as I just got an actuarial offer :) Well, at first I have some misunderstanding with the HR but after clarification with the Deputy General Manager and CFO, I have decided to give myself a try before moving to Enterprise Risk Management (which might be a very long way to go).

I am excited about my new job. Hopefully I can apply what I learned during my internship and my knowledge and skill.

Nonetheless, I am a bit worried as I will be the first staff in the department, I afraid I have too much things to do. There is no second chance to build the first impression, my coming two months will be critical as I will report directly to CFO until my superior coming in in Oct.

Is this the good news that I referred to in the previous blog?



OSL said...

wooho..then next time got excuse go Sunway Pyramid to meet up =p

aHlanG said...

^^ Great