Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Colmar Tropicale

Went to Berjaya Hills last Saturday. It is truly a special tourism spot.

Berjaya Hills mainly consists of a few main parts, Colmar Tropicale, Japanese Village, paintball spot, horse riding spot, rabbit farm and golf club.

We were "welcomed" by a squad of mini-coopers once we entered the castle.

Our first stop after the castle was Japanese Village. At the first glance, I was shocked of why the ever first Japanese Village is located at Berjaya Hills, until I read the second line...

in tropical forest... I was like @@

There is a variety of striking plants inside the forest.

Alvin was perspiring hard while we were exploring the forest as it was not windy at all. Also Berjaya Hills is not a summer getaway! It is extraordinarily WARM!

There are a few spas inside the village but it was too dear, the cheapest is 400 bucks!

Also there are a few japanese restaurant selling normal japanese food at exorbitant price!

After one hour of venturing, we bumped back to Colmar Tropicale in this truck.

Colmar Tropical is really a jolly place. It is fancy.

The colorful western architeture gives us a kind of jovial and fresh feeling which cannot be experienced anywhere else in Malaysia.

There are toys which make you feel young!

There are cordial country girls selling cookies!

There is band singing "i want nobody nobody but you" when you 're enjoying your meal!

There are BLACK and white swans swimming swiftly in the ponds!

We ended our outing by playing paint balls. Both of us were able to hit the target twice out of 5 trial shots.

Berjaya Hills is indeed a fantastic getaway during weekends.

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