Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Amidst the heavy workload and hectic studies schedule, I FALL sick! Last Saturday, I was rushing for FAP Module 1 then suddenly I started to have headache, but my will defeated it, it was gnawing at me, I didn't care, I continued until I got partial of the assignment done (the spreadsheet). I went to sleep at 1am and got up at 845am the next day to have breakfast with a former colleague. I started to sneeze. However, I thought, hmm, morning chill, I should be alright. I skipped going meeting again as my colleague we had too much to talk. Right from the breakfast, I continued drafting the memo for the assignment. I started to get very drowsy. A bad sign. 7-hour sleep should be sufficient for me. However, I didn't have time to think so much so I forced myself to continue. Then I took a break for lunch. Thinking of resuming the assignment after the lunch, but I gave up and told my assignment partner I got to take a nap. Before napping, I took flu medicine. I had a two-hour sound nap. Then I called my assignment partner to wake up (10 calls) but couldn't avail. I gave up. Then I lay on bed to read Eat Pray Love. I fell asleep after a few pages. Woke up one hour later and called my assignment partner. 3 calls. He woke up finally. @@ I then swore I must get the assignment submitted before I went to sleep. I successfully finished the assignment but at the same time Lee Chong Wei lost his game to Lin Dan (a bit incohesive here? No.. I had been concerned about his game, especially with Lin Dan. I loathe Lin Dan for his haughtiness).

After dinner, I went to sleep. Before I slept, I took fever pill. I could feel heat from the tip top of my head to my toe. That night I couldn't really sleep well, I felt hot at one moment pulling off my blanket and pulling over the blanket the next moment finding myself trembling. The next morning when I woke up, I didn't feel well at all, but I still had to go to work as I promised my boss to have a discussion on the task I did. In addition, he had to present the thing I prepared for him that afternoon. So I roughly needed to go through once with him. That one hour in the office was my ever dreadful hour. I was so cold. I started to perspire. After that, I told my supervisor I got to leave. I couldn't resist anymore, I was so cold. I quickly flagged down a taxi to go home and consulted a doctor at the clinic nearby my house. I slept the whole day after consuming pill.s The doctor said if my fever didn't subside the next day, I might need to drop by again, as recently there are many cases of dengue fever. After dinner, I went to sleep. Though the fever had subsided a bit, but still I had to constantly wake up to drink water (I always afraid I will become stupid after a fever). When it approached wee hours, then only I started to feel better, finally I could grab a few hours of sleep. However, when I woke up, I still felt very weak. I hate myself for being so. I have tonnes of work waiting for me to finish yet I was soooo energyless. But no choice, I still had to rest. I got to get recuperated as soon as possible. Fever subsided, but flu caught me. Sneezing the whole day until dusk. Things became better. I even told my supervisor I could resume working the next day (today). However, after dinner, I started to feel something amiss, I was a bit dizzy. I quickly went to sleep. It was only nine something. I set alarm to wake up at 2am to take medicine.

7am today he came to see if I had rashes on my body as this is a obvious symptom of dengue. We were planning to work since I don't have rashes and I thought I had had enough of rest. Not long after we talked (I think around 3 minutes), my sight became gray and then darker and darker. The block of condo in front of me was swirling. I quickly held my head and closed my eyes. I was too dizzy, I was so scared I would black out. I then slowly walked back into my room with my feeble legs. At 830am, he fetched me to see doctor. (he has been overwhelmed with his work too until barely has time for me. I don't blame him, he has his stress too). The doctor said it might be because I took medicine at midnight and didn't have any intake of food until morning. She gave me another day of leave and some flu medicine, this time stronger!

I decided not to take her pills anymore as I don't feel comfortable with it.

NOW NOW.. 430pm! I think I am finally able to resume working tomorrow. Sigh. I am a new comer yet took so many days of sick leave. Hopefully my boss doesn't take this to discount my KPI.

Time to meow tomorrow and ROAR next week! Really got to get things done! Auditors are coming in. Stresses are piling up!

Working under deadline and the supervision of KPI is not something enjoying =(


Jin Ye said...

it sucks to be sick when you have loads to do. hope you'll feel better soon!

nostalgia.jesskang said...

sick = suck? LOL