Saturday, January 15, 2011


Went to Mid Valley for the first time since I move to KL. We always go One-Utama instead because the parking rate there is low, never know Mid Valley's is not high too. Mid Valley is much nearer to KL compared with One-Utama, think we will go Mid Valley quite often instead of One-U now since I used to like Mid Valley.

Alvin passed his last professional exam! I failed, sadly. However, we still think it is fair to give ourselves a treat as we worked hard for it, not only that, we passed a few online modules also these two months. Alvin has double joy while I have single joy (not bad).

We gave Chilis a try since there is always long queue and we perceive the food there must be beyond praise.

Waiting eagerly for the food..

But to our "horror", it was really disappointing.

The salmon was too dry.

Their description is not really appealing/vivid either

Alvin ordered a ten ounce medium done rib-eye. Guess what?! Half of the portion was raw and another half was well done overcooked!

So our conclusion is:

Go Italiannies for spaghetti
Go TGI Friday's for steak
Go Manhattan Fish Market for Salmon, it is cheap!


Sophos said...

SWT! The conclusion is swtdao! And you crazy ar, sekali gus 3 posts.

nostalgia.jesskang said...

haha.. the conclusion is informative okay.. and the food i think is good, normally people also agree one. *syok sendiri*

haha.. mood dao.. so blog lor...

Sophos said...

mood dao? i swtdao. eh u reply my comments too sibey fast liao. im going out. later only spam here. buaizbuaiz