Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Gathering

Not really a whole family gathering though.

Yesterday was the first day my sis and bro went back to their campus for the new semester. My sis had to move her things out of her hostel every sem break and so she put her things in our car boot. @@ I rarely never met up with my bro though he has been 2 years plus in PJ because I didn't have my own transportation. *sob sob*

So I took the opportunity to meet them yesterday, fetching my bro, picking my sis then had our dinner in Subang Parade, grocery shopping at Carrefour.

I was still not impressed by food in Manhattan Fish Market, we ordered a platter and a grilled salmon to share.

The platter was really greasy.

After dropping my sis at her hostel, we continued our supper at SS2 to quench our thirst.

Shanghai "chee cheong fun" as snack

Mango "Lou"

Kiwi "Lou"

I was really happy that I could meet up with my siblings and get to know more about their recent.

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