Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beijing April 08 2011

Woke up very early in the morning, as we cannot be late more than 10 minutes for the course.

After the hearty breakfast in the hotel cafe, I quickly dressed up to get myself prepared.

6 hours crawled past flew by, and it was the end of the course. Got to know more about ethic and professionalism, practically the do's and don'ts. Also, I get to know a few new actuarial friends from China, Taiwan and Korea.

After resting, Alvin and I got down to the MRT in front of the hotel to head to the famous and never-sleep street in Beijing - "Ghost" Street.

There are two rows of restaurants selling a wide-range of food. The shops were blazing with their own styles of signboard.

We walked for quite some distance and were attracted the most by this shop. It serves the dishes in the ancient time -Shu.

Every plate, bowl and cup are labeled "sterilized" clearly.
Not sure how true is that.

The shop was crowded and we waited for quite a while until the food was served.

special, unique and delicious

One fish alone cost us 100+ yuan.

We continued down the street to look for "刷羊肉", as it is strongly recommended by our friends in China.

Then only we got to know 刷羊肉 is actually mutton steamboat. @@ Nevertheless we gave it a try.

I found that the mutton taste is beyond my tolerable range, and so I needed to dip it into this sauce. It was tasty.

The two dishes above are worth a try, especially for those who like Chinese food.

That marked the end of Day 3.

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