Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beijing April 06 2011

We reached Beijing at the break of the day.

We were like in another world. Everything is so different. We were like back to the ancient world.

even the tol gate is like a temple

After resting due to the tiring flight, we started hunting for food. Some people said Beijing food is delicious, some said it is sucks. We chose to believe the former.

Our first stop was this shop.

It is very famous and classy.

We ordered a two-person set, comprising of a few dishes of duck-product, like duck soup, duck HEART, and duck meat (of course). We were served with some side dishes like vegetable, fish belly soup as well.

The heart of the duck is really really scrumptious but you gotta pass through your own barrier to tell yourself you are not eating hearts of the duck. For the every heart we ate, we would yuck a bit but still it was delicious.

Another well-known and must-eat dish in Beijing is the roasted duck.

It is recommended to be eaten with this popiah skin

We then caught a bus to go Forbidden City at around 1pm. Not knowingly that from TianAnMen to Forbidden City can actually take us ages!

We first shopped around at Square of TianAnMen. It is a hot tourism spot.

It is spring.. everything is blossoming with life.

There are rows of shops in the square.

Well in China, they have a lot of funny brands, as they like to translate half and render another half directly. Like Standard and Poor is called 标准普. And Starbucks is called:

After some quick shopping, we headed to Forbidden City.

Forbidden City is finally a stone's throw away after walking with heavy panting.

But guessed what?! We reached there at 430pm!!!! We were not allowed to visit the Forbidden City already. The distance is extremely long from the square to Forbidden City, perhaps because we snapped too many photos on the way.

Regrettably, we visited the garden next to Forbidden City with just 3 yuan as entrance ticket.

Seemingly we were in heaven!

Switching on our macro-mode to have a big capture of the beautiful and lovely flowers!

After being in the garden for approximately one hour plus, we then made our way back to our hotel, looking forward for Day 2 Great Wall trip!

p/s: Never underestimate China.. They are really Great China.. The buildings are humongous. The roads are large.


Anonymous said...

The heart is so fainted. LOL

Shane said...

the flowers are nice... =) some of the angles are very nice... =)