Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beijing April 09 2011

Started Day 4 with a sumptuous breakfast.

Then bid good-bye to the five-star hotel to head to Temple of Heaven.

Finally could not resist the temptation of this dessert and tried it though it was sold by the dusty roadside!

beyond expectation

Again things in China is HUGE. We walked for quite some distance then only reached Temple of Heaven.

Temple of Heaven consists of three parts, The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, The Imperial Vault of Heaven, and The Circular Mound Altar. Practically nothing much to describe for Temple of Heaven, it is a joint series of temples built for Emperors to worship God. By the way, for those who are interested in history or architecture, kindly click on the link above.

We started by stalking in the shady garden and it took us ages to first reach The hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. Of course, partly we were stopped by some attractive things along the way.

Nothing much inside The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. Indeed we were prohibited to go in the hall, we can just peep see from outside.

The things used to burn offering

Another thing which made us stay long in a place in China is the big throng of visitors! Can hardly find a good spot for photo-taking.

Nice gardens with flowers blossoming everywhere!

It took us another ages to reach The Imperial Vault of Heaven. This building is more interesting, as there is echo when you speak. We did not manage to try, as we just blindly followed the flow to round the building without doing anything!

And lastly we reached The Circular Mound Altar. We took some pictures there by having different kind of poses, as it is again practically nothing for us to see.

Great garden, isn't it?

We were super hungry by the time we finished visiting the three seperate building in Temple of Heaven. We then exited to eat at the shop nearby. However, it was around six and no taxi was willing to take us. They gave all kind of excuses, and the only reason we could think of was that our hotel was quite near to the temple.

So we had to WALK back all the way to the entrance we came in and then made our way back to the hotel. By the time we reached our hotel, we died straight on the bed until supper time!

The delicious and cheap supper we found nearby our hotel marked the end of Day 4 in Beijing.

P/S: This is a lame post, as it was a lame day in Beijing...

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