Sunday, July 24, 2011

4th Last Week Before Singapore

As you guys know, I come to Singapore for the sake of fun good. My few weekends before this were fully occupied. I would really like to thank all the friends for this.

And for the 4th weekend to August 13, I went to Malacca on Saturday and visited my cousin on Sunday.

From left: Hui Boon, Me and Shuzhen

And Malacca trip is always not other but a food tasting spree!

1st stop: chicken rice ball.
I always feel the rice is nicer than the chicken.

2nd stop: Jonker Street.

Malacca-styled Asam Laksa, I like it.

And all sort of ice-kacang, some are too sweet,
some are sour to be just nice :)

3rd and last stop: Satay Celup

Another thing I like about Malacca is the scenic and well-kept city.

Nice area for a stroll along the quay.


The town

Nice architecture together with the cherishing blue sky

The hotel nearby the quay,
the ambiance is very soothing for hi-tea

Thanks Shuzhen to tag along to reunite with Hui Boon. Thanks Hui Boon to be the navigator. And lastly thanks Alvin for the day-long driver.

On Sunday night, I met up with my cousin and played with her prince and princess. We had a sumptuous dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Empire. Vietnamese food is healthy just like Korean food, they always wrap meat with vege.


Alvin was called uncle.. XD

Handsome and cute

Pretty and cute

This was the end of the 4th weekend before Singapore.

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