Monday, July 4, 2011

Outing with Colleagues

Had an outing food sampling spree with colleagues-cum-friends yesterday.

Our first stop was sampling the sumptuous Hong Kong style dim sum at Jin Xuan Restaurant, Uptown PJ.

Believe me, you should try it out if you like dim sum.

1. Fried shrimp dumpling

2. "Lao Sha Pao"

custard is flowing out and seeping into our taste buds

3. "siu mai"

4. fried durian (MUST TRY)

5. steamed shrimp dumpling

6. Shanghai styled "siu long pao"

7. yam with shrimp

8. egg tarts

9. dwarf melon with fishball

Well, done with dim sum galore. Our mission was actually to visit and play with Princess Mikaela, our ex-boss' daughter.

But she was sleeping and so we decided to have another round of food sampling. This time it was Chinese dessert at Yan Ho Tong.

seacoconut "Kuai Leng Kou"

Original flavoured "kuai leng kou"

This dessert was orginated from a clever Chinese figure, Zhu Ge Liang. It was used to reduce the soldiers' body heat so that they would perform better. It was made of tortoise and some sort of herbs.

After some chit-chatting, the baby had woken up.

Princess Mikaela

Babies are naive and kind in the very natural way!

Mikaela is curious of every single new thing. I could capture good angle of her looking at my camera aperture because she was attracted by my DSLR instead of her mom's iPhone!

- Mission Complete -


Sophos said...

Expensive anot the dim sum lols

nostalgia.jesskang said...

rm4-8 per plate..

Sophos said...

woah woah.. poh chan lo.. lols