Saturday, August 27, 2011

2nd Last Week Before Singapore

I went back home 2 weeks before Singapore! The home always embrace me with warmth and love.
My mom is younger and prettier than me.
I'm always asked if we are siblings :(

This is the time mom cooked the least when I go home. I don't want her to be too busy and tired. We started the morning of Saturday with dim sum.

some snapshots of the dim sum we ate and like

For brunch, we ate asam laksa, the one which is the most famous in my hometown now. After that Alvin and I went to his house for lunch of curry chicken (his mom's mastered dish)!

I then came back home, having some tête-à-tête with mom and dad. Dad is always a cool and nothing-is-wrong type, but mom is more to the fragile and full of worries of us type.. Couple should always complement each other I guess XD. Dinner time, my sis was out for serving at St Anne as a scout, dad was out with dinner with his friends, my bro, mom and I then went to eat the ever best Pork Noodle nearby my house.

with my perverted polite bro
mom banned me from uploading her picture here

I then rushed to meet up with my old friends since primary school! The chat was more to work and relationship. *grin* Felt funny as time creeps by, the topic is evolving too.

Pictures were taken by XY's dad..
All our parents are retirees/retiring..
does that signify we're grown-ups now? *sob sob*

On Sunday, I spent the day lazying at home with my family, chatting, watching TVB series and getting my hair permed and dyed. My mom always critized me of my rugged look. So to keep her from nagging, I finally tidied up myself a bit. :)

Then came the dinner time, I insisted to treat my family for dinner, but at the end, still dad paid. :(

Camera-shy dad was still unwilling to take pictures with us.

my perverted bro insisted portrait pic should be big,
so this looks like a passport pic

Then came Monday, after lunch, and bidding farewell with mom and dad, I headed back KL for work. It was the time like the first time I went PJ to further my studies. It was so hard yet have to say good-bye. Though I have been away from home for studies and work for quite some time, but doubling the distance now is like doubling the feeling of letting go.

Guess that my mom should be more relieved now as I move from the more dangerous KL to the safer Singapore :)


Anonymous said...
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Sophos said...

perverted brother?

nostalgia.jesskang said...

anyone who wears the thick-frame specs i would say perverted.. LOL