Saturday, August 27, 2011

3rd Last Week before Singapore

For the 3rd week, I met up with my foundation besties. Again, we talked non-stop whenever we bumped together. From the very last time, we talked about homework; then during university time we talked about graduation; then during the final semester we talked about finding job; then now we talked about things at work. They are the friends who evolve and grow together with me.

Clockwise from the left: Onn Sein, Foong Kheng, Kelvin, me, and Alvin

I really wish them the best in their first job. And not to forget the dinner they treated me. It was really nice and special to me, the Korean-styled seafood rice.

The food recommended if you ever dine in Kim Gary Restaurant.

But beware, you need at least an hour to finish it,
it is sizzling hot!

On Sunday, Alvin, Beng Hui, Alicia and I visited Yee Voon at Serdang. She baked us some cheese tarts. They are the best cheese tarts I ever eat. The cheese was enriched and the tart was just beyond words. After that, we headed to try the well-known dishes in Serdang - Spicy Soup and Flower Wine Chicken.

Spicy Soup,
practically it is not spicy but more to hot of pepper

The must-tries in Serdang!

We then spent our day at The Mines with a movie of Harry Potter and dinner of pan mee.

Beng Hui also recommended us a very exciting new gadget - Samsung Galaxy II, which he and Alvin bought it 2 weeks after that.

Thanks Yee Voon for the effort she dedicated especially to us for the tarts :)

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