Saturday, September 10, 2011


I think dying is like blacking out. And today I experienced it! 

Well, as you all know, I am a keen blood donator. Whenever there is a blood donation drive, I will surely contribute if I do not encounter menstrual or fall sick. Yesterday my colleague asked me to donate blood together, without any hesitation, I agreed. 

But then I stayed back working until 10pm, by the time, I reached home and bathed, it was already 10:30pm. I surfed net for a while, then went to sleep. But surprisingly, I woke up at 3am, fell asleep again, woke up again at 5am. I guessed I was stressful. After being worn-out at work, I was still worried about my studies progress, which caused me a bad sleep.

When the clock struck 12, we all happily made our way to Fitness First at Raffles Quay to donate blood. To my horror, when I almost finished donating, I felt my hand a bit numb. But I thought it was okay as my colleagues complained that too. Then gradually, I felt I was very giddy and tired, and I told myself to close my eyelids for a rest. And the next moment, I lost my consciousness. I was flabbergasted and scared when I slowly regained my consciousness and sight.  As the people around me were strangers! After a while, when I really "woke up", I only recalled I was at the donation drive. They were the staff there. All I would say was when I blacked out, I was in another world having some tiring dreams. The feeling when I woke up seemed like I was having a long sleep. 

After that, only I knew that I lost grip of the stress ball in my hand, then the staff all rushed to me to stop the blood, and adjust the chair. So it added the feeling more of I was sleeping, as I was lying flat. Then the doctor approached me to examine me, and said some comforting words like it happens sometimes, take some good rest, drink more water and fruit juice, etc. When I asked him if I blacked out, he tried to avoid my question, and kept saying things are okay. 

Our elbow will be wrapped like this in Singapore
after donating blood :)
Soon after, everyone was done with donating blood. And it was my hard time! As I gotta walk under the hot sun back to the office and have lunch! But I survived it and was getting well after I settled down in the office.

The lesson I learn hard today, and I warn everybody, if you have insufficient sleep, please don't donate blood. You're risking your live! 

But if you're fit and healthy, please donate blood!


Sophos said...

Yes that's absolutely right. Fatigue some more not enough sleep wanna donate blood. lols.

Well, I always have not enough sleep. So I won't be donating blood for a long long long time lols

nostalgia.jesskang said...

@@ blood can save lives!!! we can only donate 4 times a year.. cant you have enough sleep just for 4 days a year?!

Sophos said...

Die lo die lo.. I'm so gonna regret commenting here lols

nostalgia.jesskang said...

HAHA.. hey.. we have the responsibility as a human to save another human..

Sophos said...

Oh you mean the responsibility to preach the gospel? Oh yea, yea, that's right, that's right..

nostalgia.jesskang said...

physically and spiritually is equally important..

~anGIE~ said...

i have experienced black out before. one time i lost my consciousness and fainted for awhile. then i regain my consciousness in mind but couldn't move or wake up. i could hear what the ppl ard were saying just couldn't wake up at all.
take care ya, jess!

nostalgia.jesskang said...

thanks Angie.. different kind of black out.. :)

Anonymous said...

Its so good that you donate blood. Crazy you blacked out though!

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Mark Elhum said...

Its a great service, donating blood for sick humans..Great job Lady

Jack said...

You are doing a great job by donating blood, stay safe while u do that.......Goodluck