Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Phuket Trip Day 5

After 2 days of island tour, we almost visited all the famous islands near Phuket. Today, we had a different experience by going for elephant trekking and water rafting! 

After the breakfast of fried noodle, we had a 2-hour van ride to Khaolak Safari (aka Island Safari Adventure). Not sure if because of the ride or noodle, few of us suffered from stomach upset. 

Our first activity was elephant trekking. It was a new and good experience, but we kinda pity those elephants as they are trained to carry tourists even when they are pregnant. 

Could hear Yee Voon and Alicia scream when the
elephant started walking 
Friendship forever!

Practically the elephants are trained to wade through the river, walk the tourists one round before going back to the gathering point. 

During this trekking, we only realized that elephants are pretty clever. The hat of the our elephant crew dropped in the water accidentally, then elephant quickly used its nose (trunk) to suck it up and pass it to the crew! That really amazed us. 

We spent few minutes touching and caring the elephants too. 

Feel like skin of snake

After the trekking, we watched elephant show.

The most eye-opening one was this:

"Bird" massage!
Subsequently, it was monkey show. 

They are swift and smart as expected. 

Then it came the most exciting activity - water rafting! 

It was not as scary as I thought, perhaps because we took the novice level. 

Then we ended our trip with fruit sampling in a fruit garden. We were served with fresh guava, dragon fruit, papaya, rambutan and mango. Not to forget, we took the chance to taste the delicious tomyam soup, chicken curry and ondeh-ondeh as well. 

After back from the trip, we spent some time swimming and splashing water in the swimming pool on the hotel rooftop before we went for massage and dinner! I am grateful I can write all these out because Shane reminded me this and we jotted down the highlights of the trip before we went to sleep.

Early in the morning the next day, we made our way to the airport. 

This marks the end of our wonderful trip. It not only gives us fun but also enhances our friendship! Thanks Yee Voon again for organizing the trip! 


Esmonde Lim said...

You just reminded me about the elephant pose we used to do when we were kids xD

And woah to the elephant that pick the hat.

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