Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Resolutions Verdict

2012 has ended. Let's see how many targets I hit.

1. Read more books. Let's target 10. Without specifying a quantity, I afraid I might slack off.
Verdict: Failed! Only managed to read The Starbucks Experience, Building Wealth Through REITs and finish Eat Pray Love.

2. Pass the two exams remaining. Given the heavy workload currently, I might attempt only one this year.
Verdict: PASSED! I am officially free of actuarial exams! Woohoo, I do not need to purposely avoid vacation near May or Nov anymore! (Though much of the time I just went traveling without thinking much)

3. Reduce weight to 52kg.
Verdict: Failed and passed. I failed to reach 52kg, but my stamina grows stronger after frequenting gym for workout training. Think this is a better and long-run way to maintain a healthy body. 
Row machine
4. Grow more in career. I am not sure what are the other ways of having salary increment besides passing exam for an actuarial associate, but I will explore along the way. Perhaps recognition of hard work is not a bad idea too, except always talking about money.
Verdict: Passed. Received positive comments from supervisor and boss though was once screwed hard by boss too. Let's see how much is my annual increment in this coming April.  

5. To save an amount of money (God knows it) to renovate the house bought in my hometown. I have the amount quantified, but not going to reveal it here, for God's sake. *grin*
Verdict: Failed. I spent too much money on traveling and fitness. @@

6. To go traveling. I have bought tickets to Phuket and Kota Kinabalu. But I wish to bring my parents to somewhere this year. Let's see where they wish to go.
Verdict: Passed! I brought my mom to Shanghai in March, went to Phuket with friends in May, US West Coast in Nov and HK in Dec with family.

Besides, I made a short trip to Sibu, Sarawak too to attend my friend's wedding as well as sampled all the nice food around the town. Foochow cuisine is mouth-watering. Among all, I like zao cao the most (bottom left)!

7. Conquer Mount Kinabalu! 
Verdict: Passed unbelievably! Here is the recap of my Mount KK journey.

8. Make Online Books Recap earning USD2 per day. I am not greedy and ambitious I know!
Verdict: Failed. Gave up half way. No longer interested and determined to do it *cry*

What is beyond expectation in 2012:
1. I finished 10km marathon. It is a women's marathon held by my company in Singapore.
2. Started exploring stock market, more to REIT and dividend stocks.

All in all, I consider 2012 to be a pretty happening year!


Esmonde Lim said...

Just a little note. Don't pay too much attention to weight. Pay more attention to shape lols

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Will do :)

How about you?

Esmonde Lim said...

Me what? My shape? XD

Kati said...

Thanks for sharing your little retrospective! :-)

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