Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Standard Chartered Run 2013

After Great Eastern Run 2013, I planned to give myself the best shot in SC Run 2013. But who knows one week before the run, I was down with fever and coughing. The coughing was so bad that it even trigger my back bone pain. 

However, as quite a few friends joined this run, I still insisted to take part, even I knew I could not deliver myself good result. Running could be a very serious addiction. *grin*

SCSM 2013 was really a happening one, there were 40k++ participants! The whole Raffles are was so crowded. 

during the run
I enjoyed my run though I finished the run at 80 mins, 14 minutes slower than my GE Run. 

With friends happily on SC Run 2013 medal
Alvin also started to get addicted to running, we have signed up for Marina Run 2014 half marathon which falls on Feb 15! Gotta train for it! No target set yet, but I would try my best. 

Let's run for a reason~~~


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Sam Kerala said...

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Where's the inspiration for 2014? Nothing going on yet? What happened? :)

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