Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Outing With Shane Since He Came Subang

Last Saturday when I chatted with Shane, my bosom friend, on MSN, he told me he was going to buy train ticket to go back this coming Saturday. Then suddenly he asked me if I wanted to meet him. That time it was 2pm. As I'm scared and don't like hot weather, I suggested him to buy the ticket the next day then we meet up. It had been such a long time I didn't go out lepak lepak (roaming). He agreed and we decided to meet at Petaling Street (Shane's favourite shopping place =.=||). At first I wanted to go MidValley to buy my sweater, but Shane said there are many nice sweaters in Petaling Street, some more they are cheap. For your info, Shane is a good bargainer. And so I agreed, at the same time I thought of trying Asam Laksa there too. Again it had been a long time I didn't go back hometown, no chance to eat my favourite food- Asam Laksa and Ais Kacang!

The next day I woke up at nine. At about 10am, Shane smsed me telling me that he might be late. At that time, I was still at home, so I went out 15 minutes later, for your info I don't like to wait, I'm too impatient. Guess what? After I was in the bus for about 10 minutes, Shane smsed me telling me he reached Petaling Street already. *sweat* I couldn't reply him as my mobilephone credit had expired. That time I was at Bangsar only, needed another 15 minutes to reach Petaling Street. At last Shane called me, and I told him I would be late (I still thought that I would reach on time the night before =.=). He told me he was waiting at Hong Leong Bank.

When I reached Pudu, I didn't see any sight of Shane around Hong Leong Bank area. It was 11am that time, I was half an hour late. =.=|| Punctuality is never my second nature. *sweat* I quickly topped up my credit and called Shane asking where was him. Then he only told me he was at Hong Leong Bank inside Petaling Street. I didn't know there is a Hong Leong Bank inside Petaling Street, I just knew there is one right in front of Petaling Street. =.=|| It seemed like this outing made me "sweat" a lot.

Finally got to see Shane. =.=|| Caught a shock when I saw him, his hair style was much different. He is more handsome now, doesn't have the nerdy look anymore. *grin* I think he would be floating amidst the air when he read this.

My pathetic phone camera
couldn't take a clear picture
when the subject is on motion

Shane in action

We walked and walked, and managed to buy T-shirts in less than 10 minutes. =.=|| Shane is really a good bargainer, the white shirt (the last one available) contained a tiny spot of stain, he then used this excuse to bargain with the seller again. *grin* Finally he managed to reduce the price from RM 18 to RM13. *bow*

Later on, we focused our mission on looking for my sweater. We saw one, and Shane managed to get the price of RM30. But he suggested to look for a few more, it might be cheaper. We then went back to the first stall we bought the shirt, the seller gave the price of RM70!! *sweat* Again Shane bargained with him, he finally reduced the price to RM35, but we didn't buy from him, we bought from the one who offered us RM30.

My sweater only at RM30

While we were walking, we saw pan kuih, at the same time, we asked each other if wanted to try it. *sweat* I like to eat pan kuih too (Kynne knows this well), have been trying it from places to places. Never try those in Singapore yet, I once watched Travelogue Show recommending it. Ought to visit Ms Kong to ask her bring me to eat. *smile* The one we ate was average only. Shane then continued his hunt for shirts and pants. *sweat* He purposely saved the money on train ticket to buy more shirts. =.=||

We walked till 1pm, then we headed for our lunch. Needless to say, we ordered ais kacang, aka abc and Asam Laksa. The ais kacang was normal only but the Laksa was quite nice. Too bad it was too salty, I wonder if the salt was free. =.=|| Anyway, it still managed to sweep away my longing of going back hometown (a bit only la, but little is better than none right?).

Good to quench our thirst during the
hot day


My favourite!!!

Curse Shane for his 3.2MPs phone camera
and good photography skill,
made the laksa looked even more

Shane then resumed his hunting for shirts and pants. He managed to grab three shirts and a pair of pants. After that, we made our way to Mydin which is just a stone's throw away from Petaling Street to get some daily necessities. Mydin was full of Malays. =.=|| And it only had 2 cashier counters in each floor with a very very long queue. However, the things there are really reasonable, to the extent they are cheap. I bought ten pieces of hangars, two bottle of bleaches (in one package) and two row of tissues paper for only RM8. Pathentically and bloody cheap right?

At the time of 3pm, Shane sent me to catch the bus (he insisted to send me while I was more worried about him, as this was the first he came here to study, scared he boarded the wrong bus=.=|| he was quite blurred at times).

We then headed home separately.

This was really a nice outing indeed seeing that I didn't meet Shane for a long time and I didn't go out to recharge myself for a long time too. I like roaming one. My hobby.

I hope to go Petaling Street at night as I was told there are many delicious snack food at night!!! Sadly Petaling Street is too dangerous to go at night plus I don't have my own transportation. Reallt inconvenient man...

p/s: I know this entry is boring. Sorry


Shane said...

Ahem.. since when i started to blossom???

PS is indeed a shopping heaven with nice clothes with very cheap price.. I know some people dun really like the things there as all are pirated what, but who care whether u r wearing a pirated goods?

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Sorry, did I write "blossom"? Haha

~K£cќ~ said...

Yes u did @.@ =.="""

Shane said...

I miss the Laksa and ice kacang everytime i view ur blog...@@

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Your photography skill is marvelous la... I drool everytime I look at the pics