Saturday, March 8, 2008

Political Tsunami in Msia

Our country 12th General Election has finally come to the end. The very satisfying ending, I would conclude. Last night at the time of 7, smses started jamming my mobile phone. At first, I thought there would be no live result in internet, so I asked my friends to update me from time to time. Then I was told malaysiakini had live news for the election. I was quite happy that our country was so "open" in allowing transparency in the media. But only to find out that 4 hours later, malaysiakini and jeff ooi's blog were not allowed to be opened anymore. Until now, this moment as I'm typing this out, malaysiakini is still not allowed to be opened. One sentence to conclude this: We still can't have much freedom in media be it the electronic or press.

Well, over decades and decades, BN which is the alliance of big parties like UMNO, MCA, and MIC and small parties like SUPP, etc had been ruling us comfortably. Afterall, be it Malays, Chinese, or Indians still had faith in UMNO, MCA and MIC to represent and protect them. And because of this our "beloved" BN has actually forgotten what is "development", "freedom in speech", "freedom in religion", "rakyat's hard earned pennies", "efficiency", "national security/crime", etc. At the same time, this also made opposition parties like DAP, PKR, PAS, etc hard to stand in parliamentary. We had our crisis like financial crisis in 97, once-alarming-worldwide-terrorist-attack-in-USA in 01 with BN all the time, but slowly we come to realize that what BN did for us is not what we want, in addition, what they did had actually enraged us, the humble rakyat.

Let's think of what Tan Sri Koh, Chief Minister did for Penang for a really long duration of his tenure of 18 years (1990-2008)? And let's think of the CM before him, Dr Chong, he made Penangites have Komtar and Penang Bridge. Well, perhaps these kinds of big things can't happen always, but in the long period of almost 2 decades, Koh, still didn't give us any satisfying until recently, his deeds had actually enraged Penangites. And in return, our very wise and smart Penangites gave MCA and Gerakan a very fabulous reward in this election. All MCA and Gerakan candidates lost in Penang. Imagine that, I used the word "ALL". Not even one is spared. *smile* Rakyat is definitely not to be blame, this is just a reaction of culmination of disappointment and anger.

Like what my friend said, BN would never lose as federal government, so what is the point to rush back to hometown to cast a vote? But that's not what I think or agree with. In my humble opinion, we still couldn't like USA or Aus whereby both the government and oppositions have almost balance power, we are still not that democratic yet. But what we are aiming is to have a not-so-wide-gap-power between BN and oppositions. By this, I think it's quite enough already at this moment to have our rakyat's voice sent to parliamentary.

If you ask me how I think about this election result, as I mentioned above, I'm very satisfied. However, I just hoped that BN can handle the loss maturely and to re-evaluate themselves like how DAP handled the loss in Penang in 1969. Anyway, since oppositions have been fighting gallantly all these years, I'm quite confident they will go all out to rule and develop the states they won like Penang, Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan and Perak. At this point of time, I think Malaysia is really in a state of desperate to have a new breeze and energy to flow in to bring her to another peak. She has been dormant for quite a time, it's time for her to glorify.

(I know I mentioned a lot about Penang, because I read more of the happenings in Penang and I come from Penang too. Sorry. *smile*)

To conclude, I really hope oppositions will show us the principles they hold for all these years and to live up our expectations. They didn't have comfortable places nor any "sweets" for us during the ceramahs, but we still supported them, this really showed how much we hoped them to represent and protect us.

Hopefully this political tsunami will sweep away corruption, nonsense law but wave in development.

Let's cross our fingers to have a better tomorrow. Amen/Amitabah

p/s I know my thinking and writing are not mature to criticize anything about our country, but this is the very first time I'm so concerned about the happening in the country's I've been staying for 20 years. Anyway, all the things written above are just my very little humble thought.


~K£cќ~ said...

Seriously, we never know what will happen this time, BN might be not efficient enough, but will the opposition be?

We'll see soon enough ... after all we have to live with new state gov for 5 years ...

nostalgia.jesskang said...

I'm quite confident new breeze will bring in efficiency.

ż£ż™ said...

I agree with Kelvin, we can't guarantee anything (so do they), but I too want to see what they are capable of this time :) (time to rock and roll oppositions!)

~K£cќ~ said...

Probably they will start planning this and that for like few months from now and slow down for the next 4 years before becoming active again half year before the next GE, like what they always do right?

Shane said...

It is always good to have a new breeze in our beloved Malaysia..

Be it good or bad.. At least we had given opposition the chance to show their ability...

ż£ż™ said...

You cannot be so sure yet Kelvin, we'll have to wait and see (they never got a chance right? So now the chance is here and let's see what are they gonna show us :) )