Monday, April 20, 2009

21st Birthday

Had a rather surprising yet warming birthday. I really don't fancy celebrating birthday (I mean my birthday) and I mean what I say. I kinda "warned" my friends not to buy me anything. *sweat* But, they still gave me a warm birthday celebration. This post is especially dedicated as the profound appreciation of mine towards them. 

Chocolate cheese cake

Chocolate cake, only took the picture 
after eating part fo it. @@

Skin care essence,
my friend said it is to restore my confidence.

I was very touched, as they know what I like to eat for cake (CHOCOLATE, what else? =.=), and even bought me this bottle of skin care essence. I tried many products before, but my skin is not those smooth and soft type (gene problem) and due to my blood also; so to no avail. Hopefully, this works. :)


Shane said...

Is important to boost your confidence when you are in the battlefield..

Anonymous said...

aiyah, diden tell me ur bday ahh..

oh same same, my kin not smoo also, not soft also.. but im a guy lols not to say dat la..

but i dun like try products, unless its natural (which most products aint). i nvr trust chemicals over skin.. if lydat den i owes nid apply.. if dun apply den will go back original..

but that wad skin care essence looks natural to me hahaha vitamin E oil lols

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Haha... Yea, look like.. Shall see how..