Monday, April 6, 2009

Past, Present, and Future

The past is a great rhapsody whenever I share it with my friend.
Is this because I've picked and thrown away the harsh and sharp pebbles? Everything left seems to be so nice, so pretty, so blessed and blissful.

The present is an ongoing battle whereby I can hardly ask a person to go the battlefield with me. The enemy doesn't want anyone else except me. I've been very tired in this. I've been fighting for years. Wherever I nearly declare victory, only to realize it is a short break.

The future is nothing more but severe battle as well. Since I cannot declare ultimate victory, I can only continue to fight, fight until the body is all covered with deep slashes and bruises.

Are all these illusion? I don't know.

The past is not that blessed either. I just realize I've been on the battlefield for years but was allowed a short season break. And I just remember and brag about all these short breaks which is apparently self-deceiving.

The present, needless to say, is to blame myself. I can choose to withdraw anytime I want. But my greedy heart over triumph urges me not to stop.

The future is all depending on my current decision. With my greedy heart, I can only foresee more perspiration and blood ahead.

Because I don't wish to forsake my self...


Catguin said...


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leech said...

It always comes back to the fundamentals:
what you really want to have/achieve in life? For what true reasons? Is it really what you want? Why and why not? Is it worthwhile? ...