Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time Back to My 16, 17?

Brother is here visiting me. He came here for this morning interview for architecture enrollment. Hopefully he will get what he wants.

Hmm... I was having a night shift just now with brother. When I woke up, he then said he wanted to use computer. I then asked him to wake me up two hours later.

His presence makes me nostalgic. (=.= Is this a good thing?) I'm recalling the bits and bytes of my fourth and fifth form life. We used to be like this, having night shift to study, even more when the exam is around the corner. My mom even said, we don't have to be afraid of theft, as there was always someone awake, in a very sarcastic way of course. She doesn't like us to stay awake whole night due to health deterioration. (But this kind of advice can never get into the ears of youngsters).

I'm listening to Jay's songs. It urged me to listen to his songs while I'm typing this out. I liked Jay a lot during the two years, whereby friends around me liked him a lot also. We used to share about his gossip. @@

Hmm... With the silent night, with books in front of me, brother reading his own things, once in a while teasing each other, everything seems to be so familiar, so warm.

It makes me realize the bond of family is never too weak to remember :)

Thanks brother, your stay doesn't bring me any disturbance though I'm in exam weeks now. I enjoy your presence. (Obviously, he doesn't know I'm typing this, he will vomit if he knows it.) I think he will vomit soon, as he reads this. *sweat*

He praised for my spaghetti too


P/S: Cannot imagine I spent the bloody 6 minutes to watch these two clips, here and here.

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Anonymous said...

okie.. soon i will b spending another 6 mins watch the clip haha

night shift ahhh lols the vomit part very == == ==