Sunday, December 11, 2011

God and Science

I am reading a very interesting book called Beyond Opinion, Living the Faith We Defend. I am particularly impressed with the section Challenges from Science. 

Perhaps from young, I have been too into Science knowledge, I believe in Science, I even believe what the scientists said. It really leaves me struggling between science and God.
Until I read this part, I think I am convinced now. 

I am not good in putting the text in points, but here is roughly the gist:

Example 1: Science can tell us how a car operate, how a car is manufactured, but it does not mean that Mr Ford does not exist. 

Example 2. I bake a cake, cut them into pieces and give a piece to biologist, chemist, physicist each. They will come back telling me the cake is consisted of amino acid, how much energy is inside, how is the molecule and the bonding of the cake. But all the scientists cannot tell me what is the purpose of me baking the cake, I am the one baking the cake, I know what is the purpose.

Same applying to God and this universe. Scientists tell us how the universe look like, how it operate, but it does not mean God does not exist. Same applying to the second example, we may know everything about the universe, but we may not know the purpose of the Creator creating this universe.

What do you think?

I shall continue reading and post more if I find something impressive. :)


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Interesting post. This is an issue my wife and I struggle with all of the time. We believe strongly in science, but feel there is room for God as well.