Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Well, I have no much luxury to squeeze more effort and time to achieve some luxurious resolutions but these are some I wish to do:

1. Read more books. Let's target 10. Without specifying a quantity, I afraid I might slack off.

2. Pass the two exams remaining. Given the heavy workload currently, I might attempt only one this year.

3. Reduce weight to 52kg.

4. Grow more in career. I am not sure what are the other ways of having salary increment besides passing exam for an actuarial associate, but I will explore along the way. Perhaps recognition of hard work is not a bad idea too, except always talking about money.

5. To save an amount of money (God knows it) to renovate the house bought in my hometown. I have the amount quantified, but not going to reveal it here, for God's sake. *grin*

6. To go traveling. I have bought tickets to Phuket and Kota Kinabalu. But I wish to bring my parents to somewhere this year. Let's see where they wish to go.

7. Conquer Mount Kinabalu!

8. Make Online Books Recap earning USD2 per day. I am not greedy and ambitious I know!


江佳佳 said...

im going kk too! july, after my exam =DDD

Wei Chen Esmonde Lim said...

I was just about to ask about the effectiveness of the carrot and stick strategy LOL

10 books oh LOL

nostalgia.jesskang said...

last but not least, grow in Christ..

10 books are too few right?

Wei Chen Esmonde Lim said...

yea its too few.. But scare cannot achieve if too many.. haha

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