Monday, January 2, 2012

Illuminati 2012 End of the World Conspiracy Predictions

Many Christians are longing for the Lord's second coming. I am very reluctant to accept this fact thinking thousands, millions of people will die in sorrow during His return. 

It is really a hard-feeling when I watched this video especially when the fact and our current happenings, all are reflective of what is in the bible. I was thinking what can I do besides being forlorn for this coming "doomsday". But after a while, if we were to be rational, we will clearly know that what we need to do is to repent and turn to the Lord. Argh, but soul and spirit like to contradict each other every time. Exercising our spirit and repenting seem to be easier said than done. 

How to reject our self, and follow the Lord? Can I do it? 


Wei Chen Esmonde Lim said...

Yea, you can.

bohol said...

I've been reading books of Hal Lindsey. These things are true, but the world does not want to notice. Ignorance will catch people by surprise.