Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 Resolutions Verdict

1. Read more books (I only read two books in 2010 but so many in 2009). Currently on shelf: Maximize Your Memory, The Power of Body Language, 80/20, Eat Pray Love. 
Verdict: Failed terribly. Listed here are three books, oh well, I managed to read three books but of course it is not my initial intention of reading MORE books.

2. Finish all the remaining 6 FAP modules by March.
Verdict: Failed to finish them by March due to my laziness. Managed to finish and pass everything on January 9, 2012. *wry smile*

3. Pass Advanced Finance and Enterprise Risk Management (my final paper if I pass Financial Economics Theory and Engineering in January) in April.Update: I didn't pass FETE. So AFE will be my second last paper now and hopefully FETE will be my last paper in November!
Verdict: FAILED AFE twice. *very sad* no chance attempting FETE, and I still need to retake them this year.

4. Get associate credential by April and fellow credential end of the year (providing I pass FETE first).Update: I can only get my fellow credential early next year (Spring). :(
Verdict: I managed to get associate credential only by now, of course it was not May, but January 2012.

5. Grow more in career.
Verdict: Passed! Surprisingly, I am able to hop to the largest insurer in Singapore and the learning curve is steep!

6. Go traveling with family somewhere in the year.
Verdict: They came to visit me in Singapore instead.

7. Purchase a house end of the year for investment purpose.

Verdict: Nearly shared a property investment with my friend, but I eventually opted out to buy a house for my parents. I look forward to staying in this bigger and better house. The picture above is the show house unit for the house I bought.

8. Lose weight! I want 50 - 52kg!
Verdict: Passed! I managed to reduce 4kg but yet to reach 52kg on scale.

Though I failed 4 out of 8 resolutions, I still will plan some this year, 2012.
2011 was a year I had some breakthrough in my life, though it was still quite far from the milestone I wished to reach. But I am still grateful of what I was able to archive. :)

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