Saturday, October 4, 2008

Canon PowerShot A640

Never did I think I would purchase a new camera, as I am not much into photography.

But when I was back hometown last week, I saw a brochure of camera fair held by KY Group. That aroused my interest a bit to get a new toy. But soon I ought to forget about it, I have no money.

After reading the brochure, I told Shane about that, as he needs a camera for his 3-month trip in USA (Florida, Miami, San Francisco, and New York). *jealous* Then he consulted his photography-freak friend about the camera suitable for him and etc. Later Shane found out this photography-freak friend of his knows a camera salesman who can give a lower price.

This really stirred me up. It made me wanna own a camera more. A habit of wasting money once conquered me, I'm never able to conquer it. I decided to purchase A570 which was printed in the brochure as RM699, later Shane told me that salesman recommended me A640 with also RM700, but of course better features. This further stirred me up, unquestionably.

I even checked my account book to see how much I have, yeah!, I have enough money to purchase it. But I forgot to bring my IC back, and soon I ought to forget about his source of money too. Then I tried to reflect to my parents that I want to have a camera, but without me further explaining how good this deal is going to be, they rejected me straight.

My best friend, Ewe Chin did offer me a loan, but I could not accept that. I felt bad of loaning to get my new toy. Soon, I really ought to forget about owning this new toy.

However, things suddenly. Shane asked me again on Thursday night if I wanted to purchase A640. Once again, I told my parents I wanted to purchase it. And for don't-know-what-reason, they agreed!!! Happily, I sped my car to Shane's house to pass him that RM700.

Later that night (3am), the salesman came and gave Shane the two cameras!!

This is the camera I bought:

My gorgeous babe!!

I particularly like this flip-out LCD screen

With this flip-out screen, we need not
turn our head or body to snap
pictures at different angles, all we need to do
is to flip this screen.

Shane's handsome partner:

Sony Alpha a200 with his masculine look

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