Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time with Family

At this time, if I was still studying last two weeks, my dad would surely drag me along to go jogging with him. And yeah, I'm a good daughter, went twice with him out of my 14-day-stay at home. =.=|| I really wish I have more time with dad jogging, chatting with him more, but exam preparation occupies most of my time.

Have a good 14-day-stay at home eating this and that, with the most unforgettable steamboat with CRABS (my favourite)!! I prefer crabs than abalones seriously, am I silly? We seldom go to those classy restaurant to eat seafood, as for me, my mum's cooking skill with caring and love embedded in is more superior than those chefs'.

Have some days watching dvd non-stop, at the end I was scolded by dad. But I still turned a deaf ear on his scoldings.

I have fewer and fewer time with my family, but my heart is always with my family.

At this moment, all I would like to say is I love you all, papa, mama, Bro Nini, Girl Girl and Baby!!!

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