Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Looking at the seriously contaminated "teh ais" river and Maybank tower, you know I'm somewhere in KL.

The next thing you see is the yellow cabs. Hmm it does not seem I'm in KL.

This picture tells you the answer. (Don't tell me you still don't know where I am when you see so many national cars =.=)



Yes, I'm in KL, somewhere near Dang Wangi LRT station, at Jalan Raja Abdullah to be precise.

Our external exam is around the corner. And we have to go to Faber Imperial Court, right beside Sheraton Hotel to have our exam. Since my friends do not know the way, as someone experienced in going there (this implies I failed MANY times), I showed them the way right after the class last Tuesday.

Dang Wangi is quite far from PJ, for me at least. So after showing them the exact location, I suggested them to have our high-tea time at Yellow Cab Pizza as it is pretty near to our exam center and the food blogger recommended it before. This is the one and only one outlet in Malaysia. And they just provide delivery around KL area. So since we were there, I took the chance to have a try there.

Instead of using cab to deliver,
they use this kind of ancient motorcycle.

They are focus on delivery mainly, but you still can eat in the outlet or outside the outlet.

They place a few tables outside
the shop for diners
who prefer to have it alfresco

We then ordered a 10" Hawaii Classic Pizza as we were still quite full. As I said they are focus on delivery, the pizza was just put in box instead of pan.


It was great with the thin and slight crispy crust with the bonus of the topping which was full of chicken ham, pineapple and beef bacon, not to forget the cheese was melting over the whole pizza. I love it especially the cheese!

Huiboon on the left and
Shuzhen on the right

However the price is slightly higher than Pizza Hut and Domino's. But I think it is worthwhile if you are someone who stresses on quality rather than quantity.

The time we dined in.

Plastic plates,
as I said they concentrate on delivery

Well, answer revealed, I was
not at foreign land.


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