Saturday, October 25, 2008

French and Greek?

Learning a foreign language is one of my many new year resolutions (ashamedly speaking, I haven't accomplished most of the resolutions; some cannot be accomplished for sure). I need an abyss to jump into to kill hide myself. *shame on me*

Enough crap said, back to my main topic. I promise my friend to attend a French language class next sem as this sem I am too busy. So I told myself I should get myself some French learning material. This friend of mine also introduced me Greek few days ago and I have interest in it as well. Simply because it's one of the oldest living languages, the Holy Bible (New Testament) was first written in Greek and I learn quite a few Greek symbols in my studies (Math especially). But those material are costly. Luckily, this week (Oct 22 to 27), there is a MPH warehouse sales going on and the great thing is, MPH distributor office is located just next to my campus. This is a chance I cannot miss!

Hence, I went there to hunt for French and Greek dictionary yesterday. There were so many books, ranging from novels, philosophy books, story books, cookery books, magazines to dictionaries,

and not to forget the crowd. I had said and heard a few times of "excuse me". =.=

reminiscence of the past,
it used to be my favorite.

And of course I came back "fruitfully".

A thick French dictionary,
a medium-sized Greek-English dictionary,
a thesaurus for my loving bro,
a French grammar book, and
a French pocket dictionary.

This morning I went to my campus to have an academic discussion with my friend and since he wanted to purchase a Greek dictionary too, I went MPH warehouse again. I saw a French pocket dictionary and without any hesitation I bought it. It will be convenient for me to read in thebus (going back hometown) or when I am having a long journey. (Reading dictionary was and will be my hobby) *sounds determined*

Thought of the day: I think with my friend's force, I will persevere in picking up at least one of these two languages. My priority is on French though (to be able to communicate with sexy, romantic and handsome guys when I visit the country of romance in the future :P).


~K£cќ~ said...

French ... one of the hardest language leh =.=" ...

Buy dictionary to read? swt lor .... buy la dummies for french much better laaa =.=

nostalgia.jesskang said...

Haha... Actually i think books can only help in writing; speaking still has to go to the fundamental ground which is to listen and talk more...

Yea, I know... Many say it's one of the toughest....

Le rêveur said...

I dont know if its me or what but then i felt French is very easy to learn to speak if you already know english. MAny of the english words are derived from french. and you will be real surprised how similar they are. Just differs in pronounciation! =)) and dictionary to learn a language? i don't think it will help much since french is very specific in their words. maybe now u can;t grasp what i am saying, maybe until u learn and got the basics already then u get me. but yeah just the words will have totally diff meaning when you use in just some slightly differing conditions HAHA

one fav example is when u r trying to say u r full in french, it means you are pregnant. in french, there is NO such thing as "I am full". u only have something like i eat too much, i have enough already etc. HAHA

nostalgia.jesskang said...

I get the dictionary to learn vocabs.

one fav example is when u r trying to say u r full in french, it means you are pregnant. in french, there is NO such thing as "I am full". u only have something like i eat too much, i have enough already etc. HAHA>>> How do you know?

Le rêveur said...

Because i was in Paris HAHA.. i learnt the language not in classroom but in a french induced environment. and so i get to know from french people. in class room, any language can become boring. its only when pratically used then it wil lbe alive =)) i dun like learning chinese in schools but i love learning it from TV (dramas esp)..i love to look at the words when Shane they are are singing in Redbox (but that is when i am not tired and asleep in there HAHA)

nostalgia.jesskang said...


Yea, I can understand Cantonese well simply because I watch MANY HK series since I was young!!!!

I think we can learn faster when we were small, now old liao @@