Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Endless Night

Regardless how many health articles I’ve read about the effects of insufficient sleep, I still stay up late either to study (only when exam is approaching or during exam weeks) or online. When I read that staying up late and insufficient sleep can take a great toll on not only our liver but also other part of our organs, I start to be scared. I don’t want to leave this beautiful world so soon, so many things are waiting ahead for me to explore. Hehe.

I read one article in Reader’s Digest (forgot which issue) about insufficient sleep. Researches by researches have found that no matter how balanced and nutritious your meal is and how much you exercise every week, if you don’t have enough sleep for a long period, it will lead to health defect. It’s quite scary to study all those results of researches. I tried to “sleep early and wake up early” but those attempts were to no avail. I think it’s simply because of my feeble heart and night activities seem more attractive to me. When I was young a few years back, I thought that “stay up late and wake up late” is same with “sleep early and wake up early”, some how later I found out that things cannot just be calculated mathematically, “stay up late and wake up late” differs from “sleep early and wake up early” a lot though the amount of time spent on sleeping is the same.

Supposedly I should sleep now as I slept at 5am last night and woke up at 10am this morning. I tried to sleep just now. However instead of laying on bed and doing nothing, I switch on my laptop and am surfing net again. According to researches, 5 hours is not enough for us, rather we should sleep around 6 to 8 hours every day. Furthermore, the quality of sleeping last night was not so good, I woke up quite a few times simply because I scared I overslept. Due to several nights by which I sleep at 5am, I think tonight will be another endless night. I’m wondering if I’m suffering the sleeping disorder. =.=

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~kLcK~ said...

Hahahaha ... nvm got ppl to teman u XD sama jenis ppl =.=" no exam also dunwan sleep early ... exam time worse le