Monday, April 23, 2007

Exam, exam and exam

Phew! After days of laboring, finally my first paper was over. The paper is not as hard as I expected. But I prefer to take it seriously because my overconfidence last sem almost killed me in the exam. Hopefully the coming two papers will be still within my ability and manageable.

This exam really affected my mood badly. As I’m determined to score 3.90 to maintain my scholarship, I found out that I’m getting more and more freaked out sem by sem when exam is around the corner. I’m scared of exam and even have exam fever. Actually whether getting scholarship is not a big deal for me in sense of financial problem, but I think a brilliant scholar should get scholarship, it is an honor. Sometimes, I wonder whether it is honor or future that drives me to strive for excellence. Hehe.


~kLcK~ said...

Aiya no nid worry la surely 4.0 one tis sem ... *prays english to be super easy*

nostalgia.jesskang said...

As you know, I always get killed in English paper.