Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I received something lame yet meaningful today

Well, my birthday had just passed a few days ago. I didn’t celebrate as I don’t really like to celebrate my birthday. This is perhaps because of my superstitious mum telling me that I’m not suitable to celebrate birthday since I was young. She said if I celebrate my birthday, my academic performance will drop and my future will be in ruin. So since I was young, I was quite scared to celebrate my own birthday. Silly right?

In this E-world, everything really runs digitally. My friends are not excluded as well. My mobile phone, Friendster comments and testimonial section and mail box were flooded with wishing messages on my birthday. I was quite touched receiving all those messages. Perhaps I should say I was really touched (not until I received a card today) as my friends still remembered my birthday during the study leave. All were busy preparing for exam. Besides, my secondary friends wished me as well since we lost contact for one year. Hereby, I would like to thank Ewe Chin, Shane, Kelvin, Timothy, Chai Iee, Janice, Yu Han, Vincent, Fui Lee, Foong Kheng, Billy, Bing Shing, Yi Cheng, Chor Yen, Nancent, Kelvin(again), Sim, Joyce for their wishes via SMS. The order goes according to the order in my phone. Besides, I would like to thank those who wished me in MSN and Friendster: Onn Sein, Jeff, John J, Chi Sern, Shaw Chian, Shu Vien, Paey Ting, Ling Han, Stepfyn, Shu Han, Jacqueline, Teow Kheok, Shu Han, Janice Low, Ka Hoel, Mr. Lee and so forth. Sorry for those name that I had forgotten. My coconut is a RAM not a hard disk, cannot store long term memory.

However, today I received a birthday wishing card from my bosom friend in Penang which I really did not expect, because she finished her exam same day as my birthday. It has been a long time I don’t give people wishing card as I think it’s quite lame to do so until I received a card today. A simple card with invaluable wishing can really mean a lot. Thanks, Ewe Chin, your card really makes my heart move! Again no beautiful words come across my mind now to describe how touched I am.

I would like to thank Shane as well as he gave me a valuable book as a birthday present. Start wondering why my friends are so lame? This is perhaps because I’m a lamer. Among the wishes, the ones Shane and Kelvin wished me are the most special. However, I’m not going to reveal them here, I will just keep them to myself.

From this, again I would like to say that it’s not necessary how grand your birthday celebration has to be or how expensive your birthday present has to be. An ordinary card or present with unordinary (sincere) wishes can be far better than the former ones if it’s not sincere.

To conclude, I would say my 19th birthday is MEMORABLE.

p/s: The last birthday wishing card I gave to is Ms Kong (I was forced to do so by someone). =.= But I will reconsider whether to give birthday cards in future as a “lame” card (in my view) can mean so much.

p/s: The card above was given by Ewe Chin

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