Wednesday, April 11, 2007


If we suffer minor setbacks, each at different time, we won’t feel that bad, we still can take it gracefully. How if when we have to take all of them at once, the feeling is definitely BAD… The ‘taste’ of feeling is too sour and bitter for you to bear. I experienced these today… Perhaps many things followed the flow for quite a long time, all of the sudden, I’m so fragile to bear all these… I found myself in my lowest ebb now. Really down… =.=

Disappointment 1

I was quite disappointed with what I did in Web Page Design Test 2. I did badly because I didn’t study a single word before the test. I spent all my time doing assignment. This is my mistake. I have to evaluate myself on this (tonight perhaps). My time management is really poor.

Disappointment 2

I was disappointed with what I got for English for Communication’s assignment. We really put in a lot of effort in the entire process of preparing the drama. There was even a conflict in between, and it really took a great toll on us. But at the end, we were able to put all the negative thoughts aside and presented the drama successfully (at least for our own view). This seemed to be contrary to others (can be seen in how much we scored for the drama).

Disappointment 3

I was disappointed to see my friends, John and his group not getting the first in the drama competition. They were really good, their language is really good. For me, I think they deserved to be the winner, they really should be the one enjoyed the glory of chamber.

Disappointment 4

I’m really worried with my future. I was once firm with what I want and what I choose. However, people around me start telling me that it’s not promising to choose Actuarial Science as my bachelor degree major course. Is it true? I’m ready to take all the difficulties of the course. But the problem is that I can’t control the market. It seems that I have made a risky choice (or worst still I have made a “sure-lose” decision).

I’m wondering why all of the sudden my wall of confidence collapse.
I’m wondering why all of the sudden I let all my emotions control me.
I’m wondering why all of the sudden I mind my results so much.
I’m wondering why all of the sudden I’m so silly to write out this.

Okay, I think it’s time for me to make a SELF-EVALUATION

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