Thursday, March 8, 2007

4 flat!! So what?!!!

Can we judge a person's ability by one's results? My answer is a 'NO'.. Once, my friend told me result is the only objective yardstick to measure one's performance and ability.. Till now, i still disagree, I replied my friend "why must we carry on with this (wrong) perception, why don't we tell the world that result is a just a reference to measure one's ability.. It's just a reference....." As i step in University and observe people around me, i find out that everyone has his/her own talent and strength. You may laugh at me as I only know this at the age of 19... Funny.. However, I'd say I knew this long time ago, but I fully understand it now... Finishing higher education in University and getting a certificate are rather a so-called protocol to show our boss during interview.. I will not deny it'll be easier to get a job with a cert, but this never prove that we will secure the job.. According to Ms. Audrey(my sweet sweet lecturer), "4 flat? So what?!!! Colleagues will not ask how many A's we scored. The most important things are how we deal with people and how well we do our part." Bingo, that's right.. This is how we should be... In short, I think we should enjoy our University life as the same time absorb as much knowledge as possible to polish ourselves... Life is not always happy only with luxuries, it can be happy with simplicities... "
A man is not finished when he is defeated, he is finished when he quits.
"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination---Jimmy Dean."
So cheers....

The photo above was taken during birthday celebration with our sweet sweet lecturer, Ms Audrey..


discordant_dude said...

so you've moved from friendster huh?

i think there's nothing wrong with the A per se, but what the A reflects and represents. due to certain deformities in our education system, the A is not a good gauge of one's academic abilities, but a gauge nonetheless. how else can u evaluate?

having ppl skills is important, especially in this ever competitive environment but it shouldn't be the only skills we acquire in an institution of HIGHER LEARNING. more often than not, we trade idealogies, theories, for the practical... which, IMHO, is a sad dichotomy.

anyway, good reflection you have here... keep on writing...

P Khor said...

Wow... u really grow up in ur thinking leh!

Look like U really want to be a writer ah! Haha.... have potential oh! Very nice keep it on, we should try something that is new n not fimiliar to us....

Comment on ur topic now! Yah, actually i know 'skill' is also very important compared to our results! But for example, i have a friend, he failed for his chemistry during our school UPS exam but i know he is not such weak so i ask him why. Know what he says? He say he fail on propose one! Wat i aso cannot believe it mah, but until now i stil not such he is real abt it or not lah! But i asked myself can i do like him, can i? One day, at the libary i saw a book entitled "Dare to Fail".
Suddenly i got something on my mind! Do i dare to fail? Do u dare to fail? Can u not get 4 flat for ur exam? Think about it.... stil now i still don't have answer for it! said...

agree, "there is nth wrong with A per se, but wht the A reflects and represents..."

i dun deny that the A is a gauge, but i really hope to look for another better and realistic gauge, which perhaps can reduce students' and parents' kiasu (afraid of losing)attitude...

students like us should not only read textbooks or reference books, but we should explore more like philosophy, religion, technology, science and etc.. besides mentally well-equipped, i think we should be physically well-equipped of the way is exercise..

ermm, again i agree that ppl skills is not the only skill we should posses(sorry as i emphasize only on ppl skills)..

Universities shouldn't produce only A's students in academic but A's students in all aspects(if possible)so that graduates can be the holistic pillars of tomorrow's Malaysia.

i never think of becoming a writer, as i know i dun hv the talent and ability... hehe..

i'm really taken aback when u ask me whether i dare to fail..i really never think of this.. well, the only thing i can say is i dare not make myself fail.. but i can accept my failure if i have tried my best. then i'll correct and improve on it...

4 flat is always my dream, though 4 flat doesn't mean everything...if i ever score 4 flat, it'll be my great achievement, but it'll never be the greatest.. for me, 4 flat is one of the thing i wanna to get, but i actually hope to strive excellence in everything...

p/s can u tell email me the author and publisher for "Dare to Fail"? thx...

Janicia said...

Heys lady.

Why call you a lady? Cos you've shown so much maturity in you that it simply felt appropriate. = )

Keep it up.

A perception is varied and sometimes wrong. But why issit wrong and why do you feel so?

It would only matter when you decide to do something about it.
When you decide to change it.

Glad you did!