Saturday, March 10, 2007

contented man = richest man?

This afternoon I told one of my friends that I wish I can sleep less so that I can do more things I wish to do.. I even hope that I can sleep once every two days. For me, life is short, I wish I can do as many things as I could.

My friend then shared a story with me:

There was once 5 kids who gathered to play a 'wishing game'.
The 1st kid said he wanted an ice-cream.
The 2nd kid said he wanted to own a Mc-Donald so that he could have not only ice-creams, but burgers and french fries. The 1st kid blamed himself for not being smart enough.
The 3rd third kid said he wanted to have 1 million dolar, so that he can own a Mc-Donald and have many ice-creams. The 1st and 2nd kids blamed themselves after listening to the 3rd kid.
The 4th kid said he wanted to have 3 wishes so that he could wish for many things and the 3rd wish could let him make another 3 wishes. The first 3 kids were quiet as the 4th kids was too brilliant.
The last kid, the 5th kid said he wished he did not have any wish.
And the 5th kid won the game..

I was so curious and asked him why the 5th kid won the game.. He said "if you still have wishes, this means that you are still lacking of something. No more wish=contented=richest man in the world". "If you wish to have more wishes, this shows that your mind is not at peace", he added.

After listening to him, I'm wondering if human has no wish, will our world be as wonderful as it is now? We work hard to get what we wish and here it comes 'creations or inventions'... In my humble opinion, I feel that we still need wish to push us onward, but we can't be too obsessed until we lose our direction.

"He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature. ~Socrates"

p/s: What do you think about Bill Gate? Does he have any wish?

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Janicia said...

You have a wish. I have a wish. Almost everyone I knew, has a wish.
Like you said, it keeps us going.
Gives a life, a purpose and a meaning to our perspiration.

You are truly a different sort of very-good-in academics senior, Jess.
Why do I say so?

Will let you know some time soon. =P

Wishes keeps us going but as we go on we would see what others wish for and some of which are simply different from us. That would make us doubt, if we had been wishing for the right thing, or not.
Many people fail there, they falter, the grow apart from what they wish for and begin to want what others wish for, thinking that its best.

Look at the 5 kids in your story.
They end up doubting their wants. And that is why the failed.

`That would be central of our whole purpose of having a dream, a wish.
To hold onto the dream that was once there like it was nobody's business but your own.

= )

Not you. You're doing good, Jess!