Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seeking Balance between Studying and Relaxing

I'm being compressed. I'm being confined to a "dark room". I find myself hardly breathing.

Yea, I'm totally worn out, there are too much stuff to be done. I just passed up Management Studies Assignment on this Monday. For the coming Thursday, I will have Management Studies Presentation which I really don't like, I don't like to talk in front of so many people, I don't like to wear formal suit. I have drama on next Tuesday, today only we started rehearsing. Next Friday, I have to pass up Web Page Design Report and do presentation. The following day, I have Web Page Design Test2 which covers 3 topic(200 pages of the text book!). Though drama is fun, I'm still afraid, I never act, I'm so "rigid", I have no expression. :(

By now, I'm seeking balance between studying and relaxing. How to relax? Yoga? Exercise? Blog? I think blogging suits me the most, I'm crazy about blogging now. WAHAHA... There are a few friends influenced by me and go creating a blog as well. Hehe... Blogging seems to be the popular activity among us now.

Anyway, I feel much better now as I could escape from the "dark room" for a while, I saw light in blogging... I just hope that the following week passes as soon as possible... By then, I think I can shout out loud to vomit all the pressure stuck inside me...

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Anonymous said...

U can do it de...Gambatteh for your tomorrow management presentation.
We are not able to choose when to start our lives, but we must be brave enough to walk to the end of our lives!
so you must brave to walk to the end..
Add oil yo..