Thursday, March 22, 2007

Love, love, love

As what I post in my previous blog in Friendster, leaving Penang on 18/5/2006 to study in UTAR, PJ changed my life to quite a big extent. At first, I really could not accept lifestyle here(PJ), it was totally different from what I was having from the past 17 years. For example, I have to figure out what to eat everyday, have to wash my clothes, have to catch bus to my campus... Thank God to be there to help me leap every hurdle.. I'd say I'm still here because of LOVE.. Haha.. Yes, it's LOVE that makes me carry on my life...

Though leaving my family is really a setback, I learn how to appreciate them, how to love them more, how to be in their shoes.. No doubt, the relationship between me and my family is greatly enhanced. Papa, Mummy, Colin, Kine and Candice, I love you all... Their calls, or even their single sentence can make me cry(I am touched as they are there for me) and then continue to overcome any harshness I encounter...

Love from friends cannot be neglected as well.. No man is an island... I truly agree. Without them to go through all thick and thin with me, I may have gone back Penang to continue Form 6. Their ceaseless support is really like a harbor for me, for me to anchor to get a shelter from the stormy sea(PJ).. Hehe.. Again, I will mention Kelvin , Foong Kheng, Onn Sein, Karen, Shu Vien, Saimun, Patt Hong Tong and Soo Ping as they really mean a lot to me..

Committed love towards studies. I believe studies(or should I say knowledge) will aid me in the future. So I really try my best to strive for excellence(the only thing which is within my ability, others than that, I don't think I manage to do).

Love from lover.. So far, none, which is quite a sad case, but I believe in God who have arranged my Mr. Right for me.. It's just the timing problem..

Last but not least, love from God... Without God, I will not be here...

No love= No soul= No Jess

"Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile"

p/s: picture of my parents is not with me right now, will post it once my brother send me.. picture of God==>look at the sky, He is there

p/s 2: my parents' picture has been uploaded

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